Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Troubleshooting Computer With No Sound

Reasons On Why Your Computer Has No Sound

January 27, 2016

Let’s try these techniques before you go to a computer repair shop.

Try testing  first the sound on computer by connecting the headphones; play a music on a music device such as the windows media player; if that’s not working, if  it’s desktop PC; check  the hardware such as the speakers:  if they are properly connected on sound card on the back of the tower, check all the wires in the back of the tower, if they're connected in the right slots and see to it whether you have configured them correctly. The Speakers wiring must be properly connected into the correct jack on Audio out port on sound card which is normally green in color. Make sure that they have power by plugging the speakers to a power bar and are turned on. 

Go Control Panel then System and Security then click on Action Center, now on the left pane select Windows Update and let it download all the updates, click on all the important and optional updates available for your computer, and then restart the computer after installing all the updates.  If that still doesn't work, the driver may have been uninstalled. If so, go to your computer's manufacturer's website and go to the "Support" section. (i.e.  :support section); You will need to fill in the blank’s input form for your computer's model for drivers update; Your PC'S model number is written in the back of your computer so once you enter that; it will give you an option to download any missing drivers.  Actually the support section will present you a list of drivers update; then select the Sound Driver and install it, just follow prompts and then restart the computer for the new settings to apply.
Don’t forget to check the Speaker icon located in the taskbar at the right side bottom of your screen; perhaps, something must be wrong in there. Click on Mixer option to open volume control and make sure all slide bars are above low and all mute boxes are unchecked.

Volume Mixer

Speakers Volume -Up

Checking The Sound Menu Options

If all else fails, ensure your Sound Driver isn't disabled, it could be that you disabled them unintentionally, to do this: Point to Start menu button then Go to Control Panel click on Hardware and Sound and then select Sound’s Playback Tab then Right-click on  Speakers to check its settings; you must choose Enable.  Click Okay for the new settings to apply then restart your PC.

Enable Speakers is selected

Disable Speakers isn't selected

Note: Somewhat from time to time the PC’s sound driver will be inadvertently disabled during sudden shutdowns.

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