Friday, February 26, 2016


Windows 10 Extravaganza! Welcome to different kinds of applications and so on, but if you are like me, no hesitation of improvements and newest technology to come by, then you’re at it! rock on!

February 26, 2016

Since Windows 7 OS is still around, I think It will be for a while for some, since for them, it is the most convenient system next to Windows XP.
Anyway, still,  Lots of people that  I help with,  are of course also expect  that Windows 8, is similar with  Windows  XP/7 function ability, TO THEIR DISMAY, they get frustrated hence time, for some is very important. They don't like the idea; that there are so much gadgets blinking on their screen.  In short, no time for them to understand all the TWISTS of Windows 8. So Windows 10 for them is maybe baby!

Images you can see  on your Computer after Successfully upgrading to Windows 10 OS:  
Your Desktop -Windows 10 OS, Well just to let you know that,  I added the Chrome as well as some of the applications I wanted, after the Upgrade. Go>IE>(MS Edge), type>Click on>Download Chrome>that easy!; Once you download Chrome, everything's in there! Gmail, and so on. 

HomeScreen- is where your Desktop

Your StartMenu has SearchBar also, P.S. see "SEARCH THE WEB AND WINDOWS", so just type Chrome down there, it will pop up the options, click on Web and will open up the Google official  page for you. P.S. where I typed Music, that is the start menu-search-bar.

"SEARCH WEB AND WINDOWS " Is where you type to find things on the web and on your computer, the search bar on your Start Menu

Windows 7 Start Menu Search Bar is a bit similar compared to that of Win 10.  My apologies if your Windows 7 start menu details is different, some of the programs I have aren't free.

Bottom Left side corner-Windows 7 Ultimate Start menu-Search bar

Start Menu gives options on what to do, like before: with the old windows function abilities;  where to find files and other task you will do, is like you got back your old windows 7 but with some improvements, anyhow, 8.1 OS  got already the Start Menu button, so I am not really surprised  with Windows 10 features. I still have my Laptop with the Windows 7 OS-for work to accommodate people who still want to use Windows 7 Operating System. 

Start Menu Options and or its Details

So yeah, just type store on the start menu-search bar, below by the task-bar area; then the store application will pop-up, on top-right corner with its search bar, i.e. type "Google Earth" and so on. Find some applications or programs you want, some are free and some aren't free. 

P.S. my apologies if your start menu has different applications.

GO settings to associate your Windows MS Hotmail/live/outlook/email account to your computer, so it will synchronize your settings with all your MS Windows Devices, for example if you have a windows Nokia Lumia Phones like I do;  and change the layout, and or the default programs the way they will work for you; anyhow, no need to touch anything if you aren't sure. Just leave all the way it is. 

P.S. Settings to change and or apply your new settings for your needs.

So,  if your MS email account is being used and if you are already signed on your computer, your IE page will look like mine, it got your photo and email is already syncing. Examples are your Location- Weather,  etc.  

IE edge

Chrome works for editing pictures, too, when you're on your blogger site, so make sure to download the Chrome Web Crawler.

Chrome Web Searcher

 Note: Important : Download all necessary updates and all optional updates, and all  drivers needed, go to your computer- brand's official site and see if your computer needs some updates for some drivers. Then Go MS site and click on windows 10 upgrade and follow prompts. (It will take 4 to 5 hours upgrade to win 10 OS when your computer is Genuine build, because,  I know some aren't so that's why they won't get the upgrade. My apologies, so better buy something Genuine).

       Windows 10 Upgrade

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