Saturday, June 27, 2015

Troubleshooting Toshiba Laptop Touchpad Device

There Are Too Many Reasons On Not Working Toshiba Laptop Touchpad Device

June 27, 2015

For not working Toshiba Laptop Touch pad device with Windows OS: Turn off your computer by holding your power on/off button for 15 seconds, until the computer power light goes off. Unplug the Adapter Cord and also take out the battery. Return the battery, and plug the Adapter Cord back, [(I recommend that you must use a power bar, for your computer protection just in case of a power outage, [shock]). FYI! I do not plug the computer A/C directly to an electric outlet.
Press and hold down FN +F9 at the same time together doesn't work, [i.e. repeatedly, and or at least 3 times]. If that doesn't work, you go point to Start Menu then select Control Panel, click on Hardware and Sound tab, then onto Devices and Printers click on Mouse, then modify the settings of your touch pad device.

Mouse Properties options menu

Alright, so by the time you get into the settings for your mouse touch pad, just make sure that you [Unchecked the box for disable internal mouse when external device is attached, then press Okay for new settings to apply]. This is very important.
And the last option for you I hope is that; you can make it work your Touch pad by updating your touch pad driver.  Go to official site of Toshiba's’ support site. Just type ( and look for support page, Follow the prompts, such as: input computer laptop model number and the rest will follow. Toshiba will scan your computer for drivers update. It will recommend you to install drivers update, after reinstalling the update, restart your computer for the new settings to apply.
This could be also a virus attack. Try to install a good virus guard, there are lots of free antivirus programs out there, (i.e.AVG, Avast, and so on), and scan the whole computer. The anti -virus will quarantine or remove the virus. Restart after scanning. However, if you want a free anti- virus protection for your computer I would recommend you the following antivirus software’s  you can download and install; such as: Avast Antivirus or AVG. Take your pick and just type on your browser or to download any of the two antivirus programs to protect your PC from unwanted threat, such as viruses and most unwanted software you might find online. 
However, my pick is Avast, it’s because it’s one of the best Anti-Virus software’s out there and has one of the highest virus detection rates of any software, and the best part is definitely free!

Well, if this doesn’t work, I recommend you go to an authorized service center for your comp. It must be the touch-pad is already physically destroyed.

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