Thursday, July 27, 2017

My Tutorial on Filipino - English Part 1

English to Filipino Part 1

July 27, 2017

I first learned the English language in the Philippines during my First Grade, and I can say that, it's easier for people in the Philippines to speak the English language because; English is the primary language of instructions in Philippines ‘schools.

But I want you guys to learn the Filipino language, so that when you get to visit the Philippines beaches, it'll be easier for you to converse with the locals as well and won't ever feel left out in crowds; especially when you get to mingle with your Filipino friends’ families.

Kalimutan mo
Forget it
Kumusta ka?                                            
How are you?
Mahal kita                                                
I love you
Magandang araw sa iyo!                          
Good day to you!
Nagtratrabaho ako                                   
I'm working
Huwag kang magagalit                            
Don’t be mad
Hintayin mo ako                                      
Wait for me
Hayaan mo na                                      
Leave it
Sige na, Patawarin mo ako                     
Please, Forgive me
Ewan ko                                                   
I don't know
Maligaya ka ba?                                      
Are you happy?
Ako ay masaya                                          
I'm happy
Ano ang pangalan mo?                            
What is your name?
Umuulan sa labas                                     
It's raining outside
Ako ay gutom!                                         
I'm hungry!
Tayo na!                                                    
Let's go!
Maliligo ako                                             
I'm going to take a bath
Marami akong pera                                  
I have lots of money
May pera ka ba?                                       
Do you have money?
Wala akong pera                                       
I have no money
Dalian mo                                                 
Hurry up!
Kumain tayo                                              
Let’s eat!
Oo mahal                                                  
Yes dear
Mayroon akong pera                                
I have money
Salamat mahal                                         
Thank you dear

Speaking the local dialect is more convenient for any foreigner visiting the country.
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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Great Free Photo Editors Out There For Mobile Devices

Top Three Free Photo Editors 

June 27, 2017

Snapseed, Aviary and PiscArt are all the three free photo editors I have personally picked and gathered can resize and enhance your photographs by adding filters such as; grunge and vintage filters.  You can transform or invert your pictures, add text, stickers, borders, frames, specific themes on your photos; and also you can create collages of your favorite’s images as well. By pressing one of these photo editors’ menu buttons, It'll definitely do wonders on your images.

So to begin with, go click on your Applications store icon, Apps/Store, (if applicable, on your android device), type and search the name; when you get to find it, install the application. With Snapseed you can add filters, transform, flip, crop and so on. Just makes sure that during the saving process, click on saves a copy of the photo that's been edited to prevent altering the original image. The edited image will be saved in its own folder, which is Snapseed Album. PiscArt will enable you to edit your pictures such as create collages, add filters and so on, the application creates its own folder as well and all of the edited photographs you created will be stored in that folder.

Just a reminder that with PiscArt, there are certain features that aren't free to use to create your projects, which means you need to purchase them. My top number three is Aviary which will not create its own album; it will edit your images and save it automatically on the same folder/gallery for your pictures. With its saving process; it won’t alter your original picture, it will just save the edited copy. The following random photos are my personal photographs; that I edited using the top three free photo editor’s applications out there, (which I installed on my mobile device).


My vivid memories of playing happily the part of an Angel during my First Grade: Class Christmas Party comes to mind every holiday season.

 I still remember wearing an immaculately white lovely dress with a pair of white Wings which were made out of Cardboard and shredded Solid white crepe paper. My teachers adorned me with those gigantic angel wings and that I really needed someone to hold and helped me walk with it due to my tiny size. lol.  It was indeed a memorable and beautiful childhood memory of mine, during my First grade class celebration of the holiday seasons in the Philippines.


Just edited my own photograph where I sat on a wooded bench and was waiting for the Calgary transit bus in SW of Calgary during the spring of April 23, 2015, taken by my aunt. I have added wings –stickers and effects as well, which is artistic; and selected Contours.


This is the Calgary tower, it’s where you can get aerial views and take some photographs of the downtown city of Calgary. The tower also houses a fine dining and some retail shops. I have taken this photograph of the Calgary Tower; from my view by the NW side of downtown Calgary during the summer of 2016.


My siblings' family went fishing one time by the lake outside Alberta, during the summer of 2013. It was warm and sunny during that day, and the children enjoyed fishing as well. Fishing is one fun family activity to be on your list, during the warmer season in Canada.



I have taken this photo during the summer of 2017; this building is the Alberta Court of Appeal and is now one of the vintage architecture design in downtown Calgary. The city uses the Calgary Courts Centre which is across this building.


Canada’s summer is everybody’s favorites, because the city’s atmospheres' will be very colorful with the sidewalks that is always aligned with gigantic pots of beautiful flowers, as well as there are many summer festivals being celebrated in the city. (This picture was taken during the summer of 2017)


Edit>Filters>HDR Scape>Nature >Strong>Text

It's the Rockies behind the series of the Lake of Vermillion by Banff National Park of Canada in the summer of 2015; this is taken during my tour guiding job. The couple who were canoeing have seen me taking photographs by the shore; so then they came to rest by the side of the lake and that have given me the chance to take a shot of their canoe.

Edit>Filters>Black & White>Neutral>Text

I stumbled on these rabbits one summer night by our building's entrance during one summer night of 2016. I noticed that there’s an abundant population of wild animals in Canada, from time to time I see baby deer’s and rabbits in our neighborhood whatever the season is ; whether Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

Edit>Filters>Vintage>Number 8>Text

This is the Bow River by the Shouldice Park in NW of Calgary, during the winter of December 25, 2016. The Park is always open all throughout the seasons. You can jog, take a walk with your pet, play sports, also barbecue and have a picnic with family and friends as well.

Enjoy editing your photographs!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

How To Save All Your Firefox Browser Bookmarks Into An HTML File So You Can Access It To Your New Or Other Computer

Saving Firefox Bookmarks into an HTML File

September 27, 2016

To save into HTML your bookmarks in Firefox browser;  You must open up your Firefox Internet browser’s Menu Bar, go click on Bookmarks tab then select Show All Bookmarks. 
A popup Bookmarks Manager window will appear. Now click on Import and Backup tab, scroll down to Export Bookmarks to HTML option, and then to save it on your local hard drives onto a C:drive; you must browse onto the path where you want to save the bookmarks, such as in your Documents folder, and then Rename and click on Save.

Notice in your Documents folder that your current bookmarks on your Firefox browser have now a back up document for future use.

Firefox Bookmarks-HTML

You can also directly save the bookmarks onto an external hard drive; such as a USB or Floppy disk which needs to be inserted into the PC; that way you can Import the HTML Bookmarks into another PC of yours onto another Firefox browser. 

Exporting Bookmarks into HTML File 

If you happened to saved your HTML Firefox Bookmarks in your local hard drive such as C:drive;  you must copy and paste it first into an external drive to access it to another computer.

Saving HTML file

Note: To transfer your saved HTML Firefox Browser Bookmarks into another PC and onto another Firefox browser.  On the Browser’s menu bar select  Bookmarks tab then onto bookmarks manager window, click on Import and Backup Tab, then scroll down to Import Bookmarks to HTML option and then choose the HTML file from your external drive’s in the dialog box which comes up. Notice how your browser got populated with your saved bookmarks.

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